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Safalmantra Agro Farms Private Limited

 We are 100% women owned Agri Business Company with focus on :

1. Seed Production

2. Quality Planting Material

3. Sustainable Integrated Organic Practices

4. Sharing best practices with Farming community 5. Developing Markets for Agri Produce

We truly believe in:

Monsoon 2015 - What next

A long debate on monsoon in India - will we face rain deficit or it would be a normal monsoon. Indian Meteorological department (IMD) has predicted below normal monsoon whereas Skymet is sticking to a normal monsoon with no effect of El Nino.
As of now, monsoon is progressing slowly, and may or may not be normal. Usually, monsoon would have progressed well in western part of India specially Pune, Mumbai regions whereas we dont see normal rain trend this year.
Let us hope normal rains this year.

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